Our catering business was built on a simple foundation; Use fresh, quality ingredients and the right tools to create the best tasting BBQ around. We have been cooking for parties and events for over 10 years. We also own Outdoor Kitchen Creations located in Upland, CA. Our store sells high quality smokers and grills and does custom island installations. Hosting events and experimenting with the appliances in our store really converted us into BBQ enthusiasts. In 2012 we decided to take our experiences and recipes to the next level by creating EggHead BBQ.

We have been tweaking our recipes and methods for several years and have come up with an excellent choice in options for you. We have incorporated secret family recipes and made a few of our own. We buy the best quality food products for your event and cook it on-site.

Our staff has completed the necessary courses and training to prepare the food for you, including the California Food Handler’s Certification. We are licensed and insured for your safety.

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